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She Sells Sea Shells

I can't tell if I like this shirt or not. I saw this fabric and bought it spontaniously, which I never do. I found the 1 piece Kimono Tee on Burda style. I ended up altering it to be two pattern pieces so I could cut the fabric on the bias.

Oh yeah, this was the first time working with something on the bias that was more than just bias strip.

I read about a million articles and posts that all seemed to contradict each other and then just did whatever I wanted. This fabric ended up beaing really easy to work with, for which I am grateful, but which has me suspecting that the fabric is not 100% cotton as the person in the store said it is.

Anyway, french seams on the sides, stay tape in the shoulder seams, a little bias tape on the neck and voila!

I made this as part of my surefire summer sewing plan. It ended up being a little more casual than I had hoped. I'm going to really have to get my ass in gear about making some shirts that are good for work.